Statement on Coronavirus

March 24th, 2020

All of our customer service and sales personnel are available and happy to be working remotely for you. You can contact them by mobile phone or through email as you always have in the past. We have created secure virtual private networks that allow IT, Customer Service, Graphics and Administrative Staff to work from home seamlessly and securely.

Please forward any emergency emails to:

Our print and mail operations continue to process work around the clock to meet the essential mailing and supply chain requirements of our clients in the financial and healthcare industries.

Our primary and backup suppliers continue to operate and support us as part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure outlined by the State of Michigan and the United States Postal Service.

For the protection of our production employees we have limited the access of our facilities to Critical Infrastructure Workers. Essential personnel are rigorously adhering to CDC guidelines on social distancing and workspace and personal hygiene.

We look forward to continuing to support you in these interesting times.

James Nesbitt
Chief Executive Officer
Hatteras, Inc.

March 11th, 2020

As the global epidemic associated with the novel coronavirus continues to rapidly evolve internationally and domestically, we want to reassure our clients that we’re actively monitoring while preparing our facilities to ensure both uninterrupted services and the continued health and safety of our employees.

Our Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity team has been working over the last month to ensure appropriate contingency plans are available and well understood. These plans include the following:

Enhancing and extending our seasonal flu health program:

This program focuses on employees understanding and practicing everyday preventive actions at all times, including:

In addition, we have instituted policy requiring all employee workspaces and common areas be cleaned and sanitized each day.

Limiting travel and face-to-face meetings:

Hatteras is limiting all non-essential business travel, and conducting meetings via phone, video, or internet conferencing in lieu of face-to-face meetings where possible. All client and visitor on-site visits to our facilities have been temporarily suspended in addition to allowing only business essential vendors to access our facilities.

Facilitating Remote Operations:

Hatteras is prepared to have individuals with roles that accommodate remote work assume that role at the request of operations staff, which includes all essential equipment to conduct their job roles, in a manner that does not compromise information security.

Monitoring Our Supply Chain:

We are working with our suppliers and vendors to ensure that they are taking adequate precautions with respect to the novel coronavirus, and that we have adequate stocks on-hand to mitigate any supply and delivery issues that may arise.

Managing Worker Absences:

Hatteras has an active, ongoing plan to manage worker absences, including cross training for key roles in the organization, having additional trained staff available, and utilizing staffing agencies to fill temporary gaps.

Our priority is to provide uninterrupted services to our clients, and to ensure the health and safety of our employees. We are working hard to ensure an appropriate response to this rapidly changing situation, as the novel coronavirus situation is evolving daily.