Seamless Integration

At Hatteras, we integrate data, print and mail to a level of sophistication above the rest. Whether the statement is electronic or sent by mail, or whether you are a utility, health care organization, or a financial institution, Hatteras can provide a statement solution that will seamlessly integrate with your systems. We can accept and manipulate virtually any data format.

Next Day Service

Hatteras seamlessly integrates technology to deliver a statement production system that is truly rare in the industry. Your data files are processed by a hands-free automated work flow within minutes, e-statements are delivered, and print files are and routed to our print and mail departments, ensuring they are in the postal system within 24 hours of arrival.


Substituting electronic versions of paper statements represents a tremendous opportunity for cost savings. Hatteras eStatements are identical to the paper version, and are a fraction of the cost of hard copy statements. When your file arrives, we automatically divert records flagged for electronic distribution. Recipients will receive an email message containing a secure link to their statement. Multiple levels of security are available to meet the most demanding requirements.